14-16 June, 2017 International Exhibition and Convention Centre (CMECC) Chiang Mai, Thailand

Tour Programme

PT07: The Variety of Isan

Itinerary for Post Tour Chiang Mai - Udon Thani - Nong Khai- Khon Kaen - Bangkok / (5 days, 4 nights) 350 USD/Person

17 June 2017

12.15 Hrs.
Depart for Udon Thani by Nok Air flight DD 86120.
13.15 Hrs.
Arrive Udon Thani Airport.
14.00 Hrs.
Head to Wat Pa Phu Kon.
16.00 Hrs.
Pay homage to the reclining Buddha statue carved from fine marble imported from Carrara, Italy. The 20 metres long Buddha statue is wonderfully carved and placed in an elegant chapel among lush nature. The temple of Wat Pa Phu Kon is a showcase of a fine blend of modern art and Buddhist art, ranging from landscape, architecture, sculpture to interior designs. An impressive picture of this temple has won a prize from National Geographic.
16.30 Hrs.
Leave for Phu Phra Bat Historical Park.
17.30 Hrs.
Explore Phu Phra Bat, the Stonehenge of Thailand. The historical park features human civilization and changes of landscape. Big erosion on sandstone landscape creates unusual rock formations including spires, massive boulders and balanced rocks where pre-historic art and religious shrines are found. Cave paintings here are believed to date from 6,000 years ago.
18.00 Hrs.
Leave for Sangkhom District, Nong Khai Province .
19.30 Hrs.
Check in at Vana Wellness Resort and Spa.
20.00 Hrs.

18 June 2017

08.00 Hrs.
Leave for Po Chai Temple in Muang district of Nong Khai province. Stroll along Mekong River and the road which is part of “Ride to Khong's Legendary” road bike tournament.
08.30 Hrs.
Pay homage to Buddha image “Luang Poh Phra Sai”. The sacred Buddha image in subduing mara attitude is one of spiritual centre for Buddhists from both Thailand and Laos.
09.00 Hrs.
Visit the residence of Nong Khai Governor. The old building in French colonial style architecture mirrors French influence over this area, then follow the mighty Mekong River to visit Naga sculpture and Thailand-Laos Friendship Bridge.
12.00 Hrs.
Enjoy Vietnamese dish Nam Neung for lunch.
13.00 Hrs.
Leave for Nisachon, a famous indigo dyed clothes shop in Nong Khai town.
13.30 Hrs.
Learn about Isan’s local wisdom regarding indigo dyed clothes, weaving and fabric mixing technique for better textile’s quality. Participate in tie and dye workshop.
16.30 Hrs.
Leaver for Udon Thani.
17.30 Hrs.
Check-in at Brown House Hotel, Udon Thani
18.00 Hrs.
20.00 Hrs.
Get back to hotel.

19 June 2017

08.00 Hrs.
Leave for Ban Chiang National Museum.
09.00 Hrs.
Drift through the ancient time while exploring Ban Chiang National Museum, which features artefacts of pre-historic human civilization dated back to 5,000 years ago in the area. Ban Chiang is a prehistoric village and burial site inhabited probably from about 1500 BC until about 300 AD. The site provides evidence of transition from Neolithic Age into the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. Participants can ride the tram to explore the village and attend a workshop to paint terra cotta jars in Ban Chiang style.
12.00 Hrs.
Lunch time.
13.00 Hrs.
Leave for Wat Chai Si in Khon Kaen province.
15.00 Hrs.
Visit Wat Chai Si, of which small century-old chapel is well adorned with mural of folk art. The mural depicts legends, folk tales, and lifestyle of people in Mekong basin, the most well preserved one in Thailand. Ban Sawathi, where the temple is located, can wonderfully conserve the community’s heritage and local tradition. Many famous bands of “Mor Lum” or “Isan traditional song” are originated here. They continue entertaining people until now. Join Bai Si Ceremony or Isan traditional welcome ceremony.
17.00 Hrs.
Get back to Khon Kaen City
17.30 Hrs.
Pay homage to Phra Maha That Kaen Nakhon. Built to mark the 200th anniversary of Khon Kaen and the 50th anniversary of King Bhumibol ascension to the throne, the 9-storey pagoda is an important landmark where you can enjoy panoramic view of the city from the top floor. It is one of four sacred Phra That of Isan on TAT’s recommended route.
18.30 Hrs.
20.00 Hrs.
Check-in at Avani Khon Kaen Hotel. (Optional) Spend an easy evening among chic atmosphere of Ton Tan Market, the liveliest and most trendy market in town. The place is filled with music performances, art galleries, handmade items and many creative stuff.
22.00 Hrs.
Get back to hotel.

20 June 2017

08.00 Hrs
Leave for Ban Hua Fai, Chonabot District.
09.00 Hrs.
Take the loom and learn delicate process of weaving tie and dyed silk at the sericulture village of Ban Hua Fai. Explore the world of silk farming, from mulberry plantation, silkworm care procedure to silk textile production. Participant can attend workshop of silk painting.
12.00 Hrs
Lunch at Bua Restaurant, Ban Phai District.
13.00 Hrs
Visit “Sala Mai Thai”, the museum specializing on silk weaving. You can learn the entire processs of silk making or take a turn at a loom. The exhibition hall upstairs showcases wonderful clothes with traditional Mud Mee patterns. Local silk textiles are available for sale here.
14.00 Hrs
Leave for Khon Kaen Airport.
15.00 Hrs
Flight check-in.
16.40 Hrs
Depart by Thai Lion Air (SL 647)
17.35 Hrs
Arrive Don Muang International Airport
18.35 Hrs
Check-in at hotel in Bangkok.

21 June 2017

At Leisure / Your own arrangement for airport transfer.